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The communications team at UNC School of Social Work is responsible for the School’s website, primary social media channels, print and digital publications (including brochures, videos, and other promotional materials), and media relations. Communications activities take place within the larger framework of the School’s development office.

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Social Media

The communications team manages official school accounts for these channels:

Some programs and activities within the School manage their own accounts to focus on specific topics. The communications team reposts and retweets some but not all content from these accounts on our official school accounts.

Recurring Publications

SSW News

SSW News provides a monthly update of events, awards, and other news from the School. It is distributed via email. (Our newsletter has had several different titles during its history. You may remember it as E-Contact or Impact.)

View past issues of our School’s newsletter online.

Contact Magazine

Cover of Contact magazine, 2021-2022, Issue-1

Contact magazine offers an in-depth look at the School’s programs and activities, including alumni updates and news about faculty, staff, and students.

View recent issues of Contact magazine online.

Need Assistance with Communications?

To request website updates, share news, or discuss promotional needs for School programs, please use the communications team’s shared email inbox:

Logos and Branding

The use of the UNC School of Social Work logo and associated branding materials in a way not prescribed in the University of North Carolina’s Branding and Visual Identity Guidelines is not permitted. All University brand guidelines must be adhered to (logo clear space, size, color, etc.).

University of North Carolina’s Branding and Visual Identity Guidelines

For additional information about custom stationery or other materials, such as mailing labels, booklet envelopes, podium signs or memo pads, contact UNC Creative.