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System- and Service-Level Research

The quality of care received by individuals depends on the systems that provide that care and the policies that dictate their availability. Our faculty conduct research to understand critical components of systems of care and to inform the policies that make those systems broadly accessible. By providing evidence to guide federal and state policies and the practices and standards shared across care systems, faculty research equips policymakers and administrators with key information to make sound decisions to improve services and outcomes for large populations. At the same time, faculty research promotes the capacity of the social work and interdisciplinary workforce to provide critical care and meet the needs of populations for years to come.

Faculty: Betsy Bledsoe, Mimi Chapman, Allison De Marco, Dean Duncan, Todd Jensen, Paul Lanier, Emily Putnam-Hornstein, Rebecca Rebbe, Cindy Fraga Rizo, Millicent Robinson, Virginia Strand, Kim Strom, Tonya Van Deinse, Orrin Ware, Lisa Zerden, Sheryl Zimmerman