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Dual-Degree Program — Public Administration

Students may earn both a Master of Social Work degree and a Master of Public Administration degree through this dual-degree program, which prepares students for public management and leadership roles focusing on human services. Students develop two complementary, complete, and distinct areas of professional competence. The MPA degree is awarded through the UNC School of Government (SOG) at UNC-Chapel Hill.

To complete coursework for both degrees, students earn 92 credit hours (50 hours in social work and 42 hours in public administration) over a three-year period. Program advisors must approve the student’s plan of study.

In the first year, students enroll in social work courses and field education placements during fall and spring semesters. They enroll in both social work and public administration courses during the second year and complete a practicum in the following summer. Students complete advanced public administration courses and any remaining social work requirements in the third year.

You must apply separately to each school — first to SSW, second to SOG. Acceptance into one program does not guarantee acceptance into the other program. Find out more information about SOG and its Master of Public Administration program.

Contacts — Master of Social Work / Master of Public Administration Dual-Degree Program