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MSW Financial Aid

MSW students often use a combination of funding sources to finance their graduate studies. Our School offers more than 30 different merit- and need-based scholarships for MSW students. In addition, the School offers opportunities for student employment and assistantships (building monitor, computer lab monitor, program assistant, research assistant, etc.). Work schedules vary but are typically four to ten hours per week.

Research assistant (RA) positions are funded by our School and/or UNC Graduate School. Recipients work directly with a faculty member and receive professional mentorship, a stipend, and student health insurance. A limited number of awards provide tuition support. Typical assignments for RA award recipients include assisting with a research project, a conference or other event; conducting literature reviews; and assisting with evaluation data. RAs are selected from students whose academic preparation, experience, and leadership capacity show exceptional promise for contributions to the field of social work.

We encourage all students to explore funding opportunities from a variety of sources. Here are several starting points:

If you choose to apply for federal financial assistance (loans), you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on or before March 1. The code for UNC-Chapel Hill is 002974.


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