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Emergency Info

Whenever there is a campuswide emergency notification (for example, if UNC-Chapel Hill cancels classes due to dangerous weather conditions), a banner with the notification information appears across the top of all official websites on campus, including our website.

Alert Carolina

UNC-Chapel Hill uses the Alert Carolina system to notify students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors when there is an emergency warning, a crime alert, or other adverse conditions (severe weather, power outage, water outage, etc.) that may impact safety and well-being.

Visit the Alert Carolina website to sign up for notifications.

First Aid

If you encounter a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 for emergency services.

If you need simple first aid, there are first aid kits with basic supplies (bandages, etc.) in these Tate-Turner-Kuralt locations:

  • 1st Floor — Reception Area
  • 2nd Floor — Suite 202 (Jordan Institute)
  • 3rd Floor — Suite 370 (Student Services)
  • 4th Floor — Suite 440 (Business Office)
  • 5th Floor — Suite 500 (CITU)


Tools and Technology for Safety

Classroom Locks

Each classroom at our School can be locked from the inside, in case of “shelter in place” orders.

Emergency Buttons

Tate-Turner-Kuralt is equipped with several emergency buttons that can summon campus police simply by pressing the button. These are in locations where faculty and staff can easily access the emergency buttons.

Carolina Ready App

Carolina Ready is a phone app that provides a direct connection with UNC Public Safety. You can use the app to report safety issues, summon campus police, and access safety resources on campus.

The ” Friend Walk” function, part of the Carolina Ready app, is a GPS-tagged monitoring feature that allows your friends and family to follow you virtually until you arrive safely at your destination.

Visit the Campus Ready website to download the app onto your phone.


The SafeWalk program at UNC provides teams of two trained student volunteers to accompany students, faculty, and staff who are walking to on-campus and off-campus locations at night. SafeWalk teams are equipped with phones, bikes, reflective vests, and flashlights. They stay in regular contact with a dispatcher.

To request a SafeWalk team, call 919-962-SAFE. Teams attempt to respond to all requests within 10 minutes.

Visit the SafeWalk website to learn more about this program.

Public Safety

UNC-Chapel Hill has a large campus, and its own campus police patrol the campus and respond to emergency calls on campus. There is also a Silent Witness online form to report a crime confidentially.

Calls to 911 from campus telephones go to the Emergency 911 Center in the UNC Public Safety Building (285 Manning Drive, between UNC Health and Morrison Residence Hall). This includes calls from elevators, parking decks, and Blue Call Boxes on campus.

If you are off campus, public safety services may be provided by Chapel Hill Police Department or Carrboro Police Department, depending on your location.

Safe at UNC

UNC-Chapel Hill provides resources and information about discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and stalking.

Use the Safe at UNC website to get immediate help, file a report, find support, and learn more about campus policies on safety.