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Alumni Association

The School of Social Work Alumni Association comprises all individuals who earned a degree and/or certification from the UNC School of Social Work. This group offers opportunities to stay connected to the School through networking, engagement events, recognition of alumni awards, fundraising activities, and more to support the School mission and build relationships.

Membership is automatic upon graduation and there are no dues or fees for membership.

Changemakers have graduated from the School of Social Work

Counties in North Carolina where alumni live and work

Nations across the globe where alumni live and work

Alumni Council

The mission of the alumni council is to engage all alumni to support and strengthen the UNC School of Social Work in the following ways:

Serving as an ambassador for the School through representation, service and philanthropy

Facilitating mutually engaging and inclusive interactions among alumni, students, and faculty and staff

Offering professional resources and opportunities for the School’s community

All in effort to realize the School’s mission of:

Advancing equity
Transforming systems
Improving lives

Who We Are


Vaughn Crawford, ’10, President
Samantha Salkin, ‘23, Vice President 


Erin Conner, ’13 
Vaughn Crawford, ’10
Kristen Lakis, ’12 
Cookie (Alice) McMillan, ’12 
Davena Mgbeokwere, ’13
Lauren Perkins, ’10 
Caitlin Kappler, ’14
Lindsay Royek, ’14 
Samantha Salkin, ’23 
Phyllis Thomas-Thorpe, ’82 
Monique Tuset, ’15

Ex-Officio Members

Kamryn Clairmont, Director of Annual Giving and Donor and Alumni Relations
Ramona Denby-Brinson, Dean of UNC School of Social Work

Past Presidents

Caitlin Kappler, ’14
Jennifer Baddour, ’99
Ashley Benefield, ’08
Mary Cherney, ’84
Dana Courtney, ’74
Alan Ellis, ’96
Ebon Freeman-James, ’02
Lyn Green, ’81
Kristen Register Lakis, ’12
Bill Lamb, ’74
Greg Perkins, ’03
Mark Sullivan, ’02
Matt Sullivan, ’97
Michelle Turner, ’03

Become an Alumni Council Member

Nominate yourself or a UNC School of Social Work alum to join the Alumni Council! 

In accepting a three-year appointment to the UNC School of Social Work Alumni Council, members agree to the fulfill the basic responsibilities and expectations associated with Council membership:

  • Advocate: Serve as an ambassador for the UNC School of Social Work. 
  • Participate: Actively engage in the ongoing work of the Alumni Council by attending both annual Council meetings and participate in the functions of a committee as appointed. 
  • Be involved: Educate yourself on the programs and activities sponsored, organized and coordinated by the Office for Advancement and participate in them to the extent possible.  
  • Remain Confidential: Exercise loyalty and confidentiality towards the Council regarding its internal affairs as discussed at Council and/or committee meetings.
  • Advise: Assist the School in identifying and implementing programming that will enhance the student experience and build a loyal alumni base. 
  • Referrals: Seek out and encourage alumni for volunteer roles and opportunities at the School, including a nomination to both Alumni Council membership and Alumni Awards during the member’s tenure on the Council.
  • Make a Gift: Contribute a financial annual gift by supporting your passions through the School of Social Work at a level appropriate to the members capability as a donor.  
  • Soft Asks: Encourage others to philanthropically support the School of Social Work through supporting various campaigns using various methods of communication. 


Contact Director of Annual Giving and Donor Relations, Kamryn Clairmont

Current members log in to access alumni council documents.