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Contact Magazine

CCover of Contact magazine, 2021-2022, Issue-1Contact magazine offers an in-depth look at the School’s programs and activities, including alumni updates and news about faculty, staff, and students.

You may view recent issues of Contact magazine online here:

2021–2022 academic year, Issue-1
Theme: Centennial Celebration Edition

2020–2021 academic year, Issue 2
Theme: Macro Practice — New Opportunities for Impact

2020–2021 academic year, Issue 1
Theme: Social Work in Changing Times

2019–2020 academic year, Issue 1
Special feature: Partnering for Impact; FY19 Annual Report

2018–2019 academic year, Issue 2
Special feature: In pursuit of a Ph.D.: The doctoral student life

2018–2019 academic year, Issue 1
Special feature: Field education: Learning while providing service

Spring 2018
Special features: Funding a new generation of social work

Fall 2017
Special features: Global opportunities in social work

Spring 2017
Special features: Project NO REST and the fight on human trafficking; social work in the military

Special feature: Trauma & mental health: Social work role in trauma education, research and practice grows

Special feature: “Evidence-based policymaking: Social workers lead help lead the charge”

Special feature: “North Carolina turning gray: More social workers needed for booming aging population”

Special feature: “Targeting social workers for jobs”

Special feature: “Using the arts in social work”

Special feature: “Doing more with less”

Special feature: “School of Social Work Celebrates 90th Anniversary”