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Course Syllabi

Each course has its own syllabus, which includes contact information for the professor, course objectives, required and recommended texts, assignments, and other information. Because different professors may teach their sections of the course in different ways (choosing different reading assignments, for example), a course may have several different syllabi, each specific to a single instructor or course section.

Please choose the syllabus that is specific to your course, your semester or summer term, and your instructor. We encourage you to download and save the syllabi for all of your courses for future reference. Syllabi are available on the Sakai sites for each course as well as on this website.

Sometimes, an instructor may need to make changes to a syllabus as a result of an emergency situation. If this happens during the semester or summer term, your instructor will provide you with an updated syllabus.


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Course Syllabi

Syllabi Archive

The syllabi included below are for general reference only. Students should make sure to get the most up-to-date syllabi for their classes each semester.

Summer I 2020
Summer II 2020
Fall 2020
Spring 2021