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SSW Board of Advisors

Members of the SSW Board of Advisors include alumni, donors, community leaders, and other advocates for the School and its programs. They serve as influencers with public and private interests, and they help the School identify and achieve its goals.

Each member is initially appointed to a two-year term and may be reappointed. Board meetings are held twice annually. Board members also attend other School events as their schedules permit.

Dean Ramona Denby-Brinson and Alumni Council President Kristen Register Laken serve as ex officio members. Kandace Farrar, Associate Dean for Advancement, serves as liaison to the SSW Board of Advisors.

Board Membership

Breon Allen
Melissa Attar
Drew Baker
Ellen Barnard
Carl Baumann
Jessica Barr
Clare Barry
Ashley Benefield
McCray Benson
Liza Gellerstedt Berngartt
Holly Blanton
Bobby Kenneth Boyd
Bobby Cagle
Meghan Cioffi
Louise Coggins
Dana Courtney
Veronica Creech
Susan Ferone
Laura Francis-Thorp
Livis Freeman
Ebon Freeman-James
Jill Silverstein Gammon
Constance Gray
Elizabeth Harrison
Charrise Hart
Melissa Johnson Hewitt
Megan Highsmith
Larry Hines
Ken Howard
Deloris Jordan
Justin Kuralt
Tom Lambeth
Daniel McClernon
Miriam McFadden
Prudence Meehan
Pansy Morton
Sam Niegelsky
Jennifer Parker
Justin Perry
Linda Perry
Andy Pflaum
L. Richardson Preyer Jr.
Jaye Schissel
Jeff Smith
Linnea Smith
John Tate III
Vera Tayeh
Alice Washington
Willis Padgett Whichard