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Strategic Plan Resources

In August 2022, UNC School of Social Work began a strategic plan(t)ing process in order to define our School’s future. The process is designed to be collaborative and transparent, as our success is dependent upon the involvement of everyone in our community.

The goal of this process is to collectively decide the direction of our school. Dean Ramona Denby-Brinson offered a framework for the shared visioning process: one where our three pillars of excellence — teaching, research, and community engagement — demonstrate an authentic embrace of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA). What does it look like when DEIA is at the heart of everything that we do?

Let’s imagine a future UNC School of Social Work that is leading by preparing diverse practitioners, partnering with diverse communities, and implementing research discoveries that improve life and change systems on behalf of diverse individuals, children, families, and communities.

The School of Social Work is currently in the Organizational Assessment stage of the process (the first of four stages). This page will be updated regularly as we move through the 18-month strategic planning process. (Flip the leaves to reveal more information.)

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Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

The organizational assessment strategy is multi-pronged, providing a 360 view of the School of Social Work. The goal is to carry the insights from the assessment into the strategic planning, execution, and organizational development efforts.

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Strategic Planning

The refresh will lead us into identifying strategic priorities for the School of Social Work and associated milestones, as well as identifying who is accountable, responsible, and connected to the execution of the priorities and associated plans of action.

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Strategic Leadership

The leadership team members will walk through a development process to assess how they think, act, and influence together for the sake of achieving the school’s strategic priorities across the system and in the community.

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Organizational Development

Organizational development recommendations will flow from the organizational assessment. The areas of focus are not yet defined; however the initial direction is to offer development in three targeted areas over a 9-month period for all staff and faculty to support a healthy culture in the School of Social Work.

The plan we will create together will only be as strong as the involvement of the community that creates it. If you receive an invitation to participate in an upcoming survey, please take that opportunity to share your feedback and make your voice heard.
Dean Ramona Denby-Brinson sends regular email updates to School of Social Work faculty, staff and students. These emails are archived here as downloadable pdfs. Alumni and friends of the School receive updates through the School’s email newsletter. You are invited to subscribe here.

Here are other materials that offer more information about the process, in downloadable versions.

The Communications team will field questions from the community to populate this this section. Do you have a question about the Strategic Plan(t)ing process? Chances are, someone else is wondering the same thing. Please submit your questions with the form below.