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Child, Youth and Family Well-Being

Families take many forms, and they all affect the health and well-being of their constituent members. Healthy foundations in childhood and youth – both within and beyond the family context – are powerful drivers of positive outcomes in adulthood and throughout the life course. Our faculty study key issues that affect children, youth, and families – including poverty, abuse, neglect, trauma, foster care, domestic violence, disability, and parenting structures and styles – to better understand how to support families and, in turn, to ensure that families are sources of support for children and youth. Promoting the well-being of children, youth, and families is a key priority for our faculty who are working to improve knowledge and provide needed supports that lessen or prevent negative outcomes.

Faculty: David Ansong, Joy Noel Baumgartner, Betsy Bledsoe, Gary Bowen, Gina Chowa, Steven Day, Allison De Marco, Dean Duncan, Trenette Clark Goings, Will Hall, Todd Jensen, Michael Lambert, Paul Lanier, Melissa Lippold, Rain Masa, Emily Putnam-Hornstein, Rebecca Rebbe, Cindy Fraga Rizo, Ankur Srivastava, Virginia Strand