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Special Spaces

Within our School, you’ll find several spaces that are designated for special purposes. These are available for the use of students, visitors, faculty, and staff. Please be respectful of these spaces, which we all share.

Lactation Rooms

You will find lactation rooms across the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.These spaces are designed to be secure, comfortable, private, and quiet.

In the Tate-Turner-Kuralt Building, Room 216 is equipped with a comfortable chair, refrigerator, electrical outlet, desk space, and cleaning supplies. Students who plan to use this lactation room on an ongoing basis are asked to register with Academic and Student Affairs. Please contact Tiffany Carver to complete the registration form and receive the access code to this lactation room.

Guests to Tate-Turner-Kuralt Building who need temporary access to the lactation room may contact any of the following staff members for assistance: Tiffany Carver or Beth Sauer (Academic & Student Affairs); Dana Caudill (Dean’s Office); Andy Chrismon (Facilities); or Carolyn Adams or Drew Lasater (Human Resources).

Wellness Rooms

Our School offers two wellness rooms to promote self-care throughout the academic year.

The quiet room (TTK 233) is designed for meditation, prayer, and respite.

The activity room (TTK 235) provides space for yoga, intentional movement, and small-group activity classes, such as Tai Chi. Yoga mats and resistance bands are available for use in this space.

SIE Lab Co-Working Spaces

Within the School’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab on the first floor, there are several rooms designated as co-working spaces, with worktables, chairs, and whiteboards. The SIE Lab also has a common area with chair and bench seating. Although these spaces are sometimes reserved for meetings and other activities, students may use these spaces for group project meetings and other academic activities at other times.