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3-Year MSW Program

Our School offers a 3-Year MSW Program with two options, each beginning in August:

In both options, students complete the same coursework as their peers in the traditional 2-Year MSW Program. However, the 3-Year MSW Program follows a different schedule that can offer more flexibility for students who have jobs or other commitments. In many cases, a 3-year MSW Program student can continue to work part-time while completing classes toward the degree.

Students in the 3-Year MSW Program take two years, instead of one year, to complete the Generalist Curriculum. You will take these classes together with your cohort — students in your program who started in the same option (Chapel Hill or Winston-Salem) at the same time. This allows you to build strong working relationships with other students in your cohort. Over these first two years, you will complete 32 credit hours at the Generalist level.

During the first year, you will take two classes each Friday (9 a.m.-5 p.m.). In addition, so that you can apply what you are learning in classes, you must either be employed in a human services job or be involved in a regular volunteer role that offers similar experiences.

During the second year, you will take two classes each Friday (9 a.m.-5 p.m.), complete 16 hours of field education each week, and attend a field education seminar every other Friday.

During the third year, you will complete the Specialization Curriculum (including field education) as a full-time student in Chapel Hill. You and your cohort will share classes with students from the Advanced Standing Program and the 2-Year MSW Program who are also beginning the Specialization Curriculum.

Throughout the second and third years of the program, you will complete your field education placement in your home community. Field placements are scheduled concurrently with fall and spring academic terms. If you want to request an exception for special circumstances — for example, an employer-based field placement or a summer term field placement — you must consult with the director of the 3-Year MSW Program option to which you are applying.