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School Social Worker K-8th grade

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Durham
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: October 23, 2021

CPSC School Social Worker
Job Posting

School: Central Park School for Children

School Address: Elementary 724 Foster Street Durham NC 27701
and Middle School 121 Hunt Street Durham NC 27701

School Website:

Pay Range: NC State Salary Scale plus 13%

Job Type: Part Time 40 hrs/week

Qualifications: (1) Licensed Clinical Social Worker and (2) Licensed School Social Worker or willing to enroll in classes

Start Date: ASAP

Contact Name and Email:


As CPSC’s Social Worker, you must be a courageous and optimistic advocate for social justice. You will forge strong relationships, build up support structures, dismantle barriers, enable opportunity, foster hope, and inspire visionary change. You will create a fabric of support that promotes student success, family well-being, and social justice in our school community.


Provide comprehensive social work services to parents, students and school staff. Address barriers that prevent a student from receiving full benefit from their educational experience. Embrace the challenge of confronting how racism, sexism, and other oppressive forces impact the quality of education our students receive. Respond to referrals from school administration, school counselors, parents, teachers, the Student Assistance Team, and others. Help families access community resources.

GENERAL Qualifications

Each Candidate must have a School Social Work master’s degree.


Serve on student support teams and (when requested) attend special education meetings.
Identify, coordinate resources for, and follow-up with families who are identified as homeless.
Attend required trainings.
Serve as a liaison for CPSC parents as they advocate for additional support for their children, seek to address challenges faced by their children in the school setting, and look to identify community resources that will allow their children to thrive.
Partner with immigrant families and local resources to create a detention raid defense plan.
Examine, identify and remove institutional structures that perpetuate racial, gender and class inequities. Support the school’s goal to be an anti-racist community that also builds up sexual and gender identity and economic integration.
Assist with CPSC’s Holiday Gift Giving and Food Pantry programs, and coordinate backpack programs.
Support school in following board regulations and state laws for excessive absences and truancy. Work directly with families and students to address attendance concerns. Attend SAT meetings, court interventions, coordinate resources, and develop action plans.
Collaborate with counselors in providing individual and/or group counseling in response to crises, including suicide intervention interviews, plans, and follow up.
Conduct home visits as a method to access the family, and conduct interviews in response to school referrals.
Participate in professional development activities aimed at current trends and best practices for the provision of comprehensive school social work services.
Maintain an ongoing relationship with community agencies and other resources to meet student needs; refer parents and students to agencies when appropriate.
Serve as a leader of the Mental Health Professional Learning Community (PLC) in efforts to promote, support, and uplift the mental health and wellness of all CPSC students and staff members.
Demonstrate skill in diagnosing and recommending appropriate treatment for mental health/behavioral needs.
Participate in school-wide activities organized by parents, staff, faculty, and/or administration including family back-to-school nights, the Family Picnic, and the Strawberry Festival.
Work directly with CPSC community partners (e.g., Village of Wisdom, SpiritHouse) to support
Provide counseling to individuals and groups and their families, using appropriate therapeutic strategies.
Consult and collaborate effectively with community agencies and other mental health professionals to coordinate service.
Actively participate in multidisciplinary teams, and provide consultation to school personnel regarding home, neighborhood, and community conditions that may affect student well being.
Schedule and conduct parent interviews in response to academic concerns, family crises, behavioral/social/emotional /mental health issues, Response to Intervention information gathering, and/or special education evaluation.
Provide systematic observation and bio-psychosocial assessment of students in order to gather information and provide recommendations for intervention.
Assist in the completion of Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans.
Administer, interpret, and report selected empirically based assessments of clients.
Act as advocates for clients’ rights.
Provide direct intervention for mental, emotional and behavioral disorders for individuals and groups of students.
Serve as a member of the school problem solving team- providing the perspective of a school social worker to understand the presenting problem and assisting in the development and provision of behavioral and therapeutic interventions for individuals and groups of students identified as in need of services.


1. Email your cover letter, resume or curriculum vitae, copies of transcripts and/or certifications, reference letters, and any other materials (e.g., digital portfolios, sample programs or events/activities, evidence that showcases your practice) to
2. Qualified applicants will be asked to participate in an interview and/or focus group with faculty and students.

Application Deadline: We will accept applications until we find just the right candidate.