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Intensive In-Home Team Leader

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Lincoln
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: March 6, 2021

A new career at Monarch Behavioral Health is waiting for you where you will have the opportunity to collaborate and work with other professionals who are committed to providing a safe and nurturing, trauma-informed environment for each person served. Monarch Behavioral Health offers unique opportunities for licensed professionals (LCSW,LCSWA, LPC, LPCA) to provide effective, impactful services with our Intensive In-Home Team. The Intensive In-Home Team Leader will coordinate with participants of all ages experiencing psychological difficulties to achieve their personal dreams and goals of restoring what they define as their natural function within the community. The Team Leader will also provide direct and indirect services to the individuals and their families while providing leadership to other team members.

1. Conduct clinical interviews with potential participates to aid in identifying presenting problems, assessing mental status and dangerousness, gathering relevant facts of psychosocial history, and assigning accurate diagnoses using all five Axes of the current DSM manual.

2. Provide individual and family therapy to participants of all ages using person-centered philosophies and best practice models of therapy.

3. Assist people being supported in identifying areas of strengths and needs to develop their own dreams and goals. Develop a person-centered plan with input from other team members. Determine required level and frequency of services and request authorizations from appropriate funding sources.

4. Provide initial and ongoing assessment, evaluate effectiveness of person-centered plan and progress made by person receiving services, participate in team meetings/case reviews with other providers and natural supports as needed.

5. Identify and provide emergency crisis services as necessary and respond accordingly; coordinate other services as appropriate. Participate in agency on call structure as First Responder. Facilitate a debriefing session following each crisis event for the purpose of making necessary changes to the PCP or crisis plan in an effort to prevent future occurrences of similar crises.

6. Maintain timely and accurate service documentation in a manner consistent with agency and state/federal law. Complete and submit accurate billing information on time; maintain and ensure comprehensive medical records are kept for each person served.

7. Maintain positive working relationships within the communities served, including individuals, families, team members, other staff, monitoring and licensing agencies, organizations, and funders.

8. Drive and travel extensively to community locations, various agencies, and other outreach destinations. Provide and/or arrange for transportation for people supported as required.

9. Attend and actively participate in meetings and training as required. Maintain licensure in all agency, state and federal training requirements.

10. Demonstrate knowledge of and comply with all agency policies and procedures, as well as licensing board, state, and federal statutes and regulations related to specific program areas.

11. Demonstrate knowledge of emergency procedures and assists in crisis situations.

12. Follow service definition guidelines for services being provided.

13. Complete all other relevant responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.