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Home Study Service Coordinator

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Guilford
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: May 16, 2021

Hopscotch Adoptions is seeking a Home Study Service Coordinator (HSSC)

Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc. (Hopscotch), founded in 2006, is a small 501(c)3 nonprofit, international child-placing agency located in High Point, NC. Hopscotch primarily provides international adoption services, and works in 10 different foreign countries, specializing in the placement of children with special needs, sibling groups, and older children.

Our Mission:
Hopscotch serves all children and all families from all faiths in the process of preparing prospective adoptive parents to be the most suitable parent for foreign-born children with specific needs from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Morocco, Serbia, Pakistan, and Ukraine. All children deserve permanency within a loving family, regardless of where they may reside.

• The position: Full time
• Salary begins at $35K (increase commensurate with experience) with generous paid time off
• Requires a minimum of Bachelor of Social Work
• Preference for a candidate with 2 years of experience in the delivery of international or domestic adoption services.
• The preferred candidate should have knowledge or be willing to obtain knowledge of the Hague regulations
• Must possess excellent verbal and written skills with great attention to detail
• Possess an understanding of the required education and training of adoptive parents
• Is required to obtain ongoing continuing education (24 hours minimum) annually, which shall be provided by Hopscotch
• Attendance of relevant conference(s) and webinars specific to emerging best practices and regulations.

This position will operate under the direction and supervision of the Director of Clinical Services, provide direct services including but not limited to, on-boarding of the new prospective adoptive parent (PAP), guiding PAPs in the collection of required documents, informing the PAPs of the home study requirements to and from the corresponding placing agency, monitoring of service timelines, conducts the initial review and assessment of home studies for inclusion of required agency policies, the state regulations of NC and NY, federal, and foreign country regulation details, maintain inter-agency agreements, assists the Director of Clinical Services in all facets of adoption programming and other duties as assigned.

This position demonstrates a commitment to the placement of children within suitable and prepared families and provides all services in accordance with Hopscotch (NC and NY State), federal and foreign sending country regulations, and best practices. The candidate shall take on other agency services as agency needs arise and service areas emerge.

Applicants should send their resume to the Director of Clinical Services, Lakiya Adams, MHS