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Clinical Case Manager

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Wake
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: October 15, 2021

The UNC Horizons Program is a regional perinatal substance use treatment program of the Department of OB/GYN at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Horizons Program at Wake County offers co-located services for pregnant and parenting individual residing in Wake County and surrounding counties, including individuals transitioning from North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women (NCCIW). This program provides comprehensive, gender-specific outpatient and residential (if/when applicable) treatment for pregnant and parenting women and their children.

Position Summary
This position will provide outreach, screening, orientation, treatment planning, service coordination, transition and discharge planning, individual services at the Outpatient Program.
This position will attend clinical team meetings, participate in perinatal and outpatient meetings, attend scheduled full Staff meeting, and weekly supervision with supervisor or designee.
The position will provide documentation for services delivered through submission of weekly service logs and service notes; complete associated forms and ongoing authorizations for services (all contracts for applicable services must be documented with a daily service note); act as a liaison with various stakeholders; establish and maintain multiple community partner relationships through outreach; serve on committees and other needed activities in order to inform the community about UNC Horizons and obtain referrals for treatment. In addition, the position will be responsible for working with community resources and stakeholders to ensure smooth provision of services, interagency collaboration, and participant satisfaction while maintaining good clinical services.
Minimum Education and Experience Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in a Human Services discipline with coursework related to the area of assignment. Some positions may require certification to practice as a certified or licensed Clinical Social Worker as required by the North Carolina Social Work Certification Board.
Required Qualifications, Competencies, and Experience
Basic knowledge of social work principles, techniques and practices. Basic knowledge of assessment principles and techniques, and appropriate counseling techniques. Basic knowledge of the populations served and its needs. Skill in observing, recording and evaluating behaviors among the population served. Basic knowledge of governmental and private organizations and community resources.

Basic understanding of learning theory and ability to adapt and implement theory to specific client needs. Ability to model target behaviors

Ability to effectively convey information to clients and others, under close supervision. Ability to write correct, complete, concise and coherent notes, reports and log entries, with feedback writing sample – case note and log. Ability to participate in the treatment team process.

Ability to relate positively and calmly to clients. Ability to communicate specific behavioral concepts and techniques. Ability to relate in a consultative role with clients and their families.

Ability to participate in the development of treatment plans.

Ability to assess adaptive, developmental and social behavioral levels of clients referred for their current functioning level. Knowledge of available services and ability to refer clients and families to those services.

Preferred Qualifications, Competencies, and Experience
Prefer a candidate who is a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional or CSAC (Certified Substance Abuse Counselor), or other relevant credential.

One year of social work or counseling experience; or experience with the substance abuse population, gender-specific treatment, child and family counseling, and a perinatal setting preferred.

In addition, we prefer a candidate with:
1. Knowledge of counseling theory and practice.
2. Skill in assessment, case management, advocacy, and individual and group therapy.
3. Knowledge of the needs and concerns of women, including some exposure to issues such as childhood and adult trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, substance abuse., pregnancy/parenting, and legal and economic difficulties.
4. Ability to work with women from varying incomes, ages, ethnic/racial groups, lifestyles.
5. Knowledge of residential environments
6. Knowledge of supervisory role, especially with paraprofessionals.
Specialized knowledge of motivational interviewing, 12-step Philosophy, trauma therapies, and recovery principals.

Required Licenses/Certifications
Special Physical/Mental Requirements
Campus Security Authority Responsibilities
Position/Schedule Requirements Overtime occasionally, Valid NC Driver’s License