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Chief Executive Officer

This job listing has already closed.
Location: Wake
Position Type: Full-time
Closing Date: October 31, 2023

Chief Executive Officer
Position Announcement
September 2023

Salary range is $125,000-$140,000 plus benefits.

The consulting firm of moss+ross has been retained to assist with the search.
Please send nominations or cover letter and resume to:

Candidates are encouraged to apply by October 16, 2023.
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

The Opportunity

Passage Home is seeking a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with an abundance mindset. The new leader will be well positioned to build and strengthen new and current community partnerships and ready to create, seize, and execute exciting growth opportunities in Raleigh, NC, recently cited as the second-fastest growing metro area in the country. (WCNC- Charlotte).

Candidates should have experience in advancing affordable housing services and development models that lead to social advancement within historically marginalized and under resourced communities. The CEO will support an experienced and optimistic staff working in a culture centered on providing social services that prepare Passage Home clients to thrive in Southeast Raleigh.

About Passage Home

As Wake County’s Community Action Agency (CAA) and anti-poverty agency, the mission of Passage Home is to break the cycle of poverty and create multi-generational self-sufficiency for the individuals and families of Wake County by helping them achieve housing and income security. The goal for all Passage Home programs is to support clients and move families toward self-sufficiency. This includes the provision of 1) Housing and Emergency Services, 2) Youth and Family Support Services, and 3) Workforce Development Skill Building. Additionally, Passage Home owns and manages hundreds of affordable housing units in Wake County, while also partnering with the city to add over 300 more units. Passage Home’s work with landlords throughout our community ensures affordable housing solutions for our clients.

Passage Home’s vision is to become a leading voice in collaborative efforts to address poverty and its causes, and Passage Home is steadfast in its pursuit of equity and opportunity.

With a long history of changing lives, in 2022 alone Passage Home provided:
• 6,500 anti-poverty services to families in Wake County
• 1,762 kids served through the Motel Connect program
• 747 eviction prevention services
• 327 job referrals
• 170 anti-poverty goals completed by veterans
• 124 individuals connected to mental health services
• $1.3M in direct rent payments
• Accessible, affordable, and abundant healthy, nutrient-rich food for Raleigh communities

Passage Home is governed by an 18-member tri-partite Board of Directors that oversees and works in cooperation with the CEO. The CEO will lead a team of three direct reports (Director of Programs, Director of Operations, and Chief Financial Officer), who manage thirty-five staff members. Community collaboration, along with civic, business, and government partnerships are paramount to the success of Passage Home and its clients and include the State of NC Department of Transportation, Wake County, the Partnership to End Homelessness, Oak City Cares, CASA, Bank of America, Duke Energy, Spectrum Solutions, Southeast Raleigh Promise, and Healing Transitions, to name a few.

The 2024 budget is set at just over $4.5 million representing 62% contributed income in federal and local grants, 24% in earned income through rental property, and 12% from other sources.

Candidate Profile and Key Responsibilities

The CEO serves as the primary spokesperson and advocate for Passage Home. As the senior executive, they will lead the organization in culture-setting, and in the development and execution of capacity-building strategies necessary to establish and maintain Passage Home as a locally respected and nationally recognized community development corporation.

Passage Home’s new CEO will join a team of passionate, experienced professionals who find fulfillment and hope in what they do. Key attributes for the next leader include strong communication and successful social entrepreneurship ventures. They must be equity and justice focused and well-versed in the issues of poverty and affordable housing.

More specifically, the CEO will:

• Build collaboration and excel in community engagement
The next CEO will have networks and connections that they can activate quickly. They will have their ears open and show genuine interest in and seek out engaging community partners and service recipients. Because of their experience and comfort in working with government agencies and dynamic public leaders, they will navigate bureaucracy successfully and develop synergy among collaborators. With positivity, they will be an adept and influential communicator who inspires and is sought out as a thought leader in the industry.

• Effectively generate funds and resources strategically and entrepreneurially
Because of thoughtful financial planning, new development contracts, and invested partners, Passage Home is in a strong and fortunate financial position. Nonetheless, the new CEO must show a proven track record of donor cultivation and stewardship, success in securing five- and six-figure grants from foundations and government agencies, along with a desire to seek creative, flexible funding sources and funding models. They will understand the real estate and property management market and be willing to seize new resource generating opportunities.

• Embrace their role as a visionary
Over the past five years Passage Home has built a solid infrastructure and has streamlined policies and practices to become an efficient and effective organization. In the last year of their current strategic plan, the next CEO will bring fresh ideas to increase impact while also setting and tracking realistic key performance indicators to measure success.

• Navigate complex internal and external dynamics
The causes of poverty are complex. The impact of poverty is even more so. The next CEO of Passage Home will want to be the leader of a social change organization. They must be willing to be on the ground and a part community they serve. Able to learn from both successes and failures, they will be nimble and humble, while also serving as an outspoken advocate for economic equity.

• Demonstrate the ability to empower their staff and the community they serve
Leading with compassion and understanding, the CEO will uplift, utilize, and support their experienced staff toward meeting organizational goals. Upon entering the position, they will take their time to build authentic relationships with the team and in the community before implementing change.

• Bachelor’s degree required, master’s level or above preferred in public administration, public policy, or business administration.
• Approximately 5-7 years or more of commensurate experience working in a community development or related field, preferably with a background in human services, real estate management, or economic development.
• Familiarity with low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) and HUD funding preferred.
• Strong financial knowledge and acumen with a social enterprise mindset.
• In-depth knowledge of community economic development, non-profit management, grant writing, fund raising and development, contract management, and board relationships and management.
• Proven experience helping an organization achieve ambitious goals in innovative ways.
• Demonstrated capacity to work within a culturally rich and racially diverse environment and demonstrate respect, compassion, and empowerment of the population we serve.
• A capacity to establish, build, and manage diverse alliances and partnerships.
• Leads by example, an excellent listener, and facilitator who is collaborative, diplomatic, and trusted.
• Exceptional communicator/networker who inspires, educates, and moves people to act.
• Experience raising gifts from individuals, businesses, and foundations, along with federal, state, and local government grants and contracts.
• Must be willing and able to work flexibly in a team environment, manage multiple simultaneous projects and responsibilities, possess the ability to build relationships with high level executives, and the ability to help manage and support change.
• Strong leader with humility, compassion, and emotional maturity, who is confident, energetic, creative, and can make difficult but necessary decisions.

The hiring salary range for this position is $125,000 to $140,000 with competitive benefits.

The Location

The “Triangle” area of North Carolina is home to more than two million people and ten colleges and universities. The Research Triangle Park boasts hundreds of companies and is the largest research park in the United States. The Triangle is located midway between one of the longest coastlines in the country and the highest mountain peaks east of the Rockies, enjoying the benefits of mountains and sea.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Commitment to Non-discrimination and Diversity: All candidates for the Executive Director position will be treated equally without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran’s status, or marital status.


In one document, please submit a cover letter (including how you learned about this opportunity) and resume and send via email to:

Steve Vebber, Search Committee Chair
Passage Home

Five references will be required of finalists. A short presentation and writing samples may also be required from semi-finalists or finalists. Academic, credit, and criminal checks will be conducted before a final offer is made.