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Sherry Mergner

Clinical Associate Professor
AHEC Liaison

Sherry Mergner


Sherry Mergner joined the SSW faculty in 1996 as the director of continuing education and AHEC liaison. She co-developed the Substance Use and Addiction Specialist Program in 1998. Currently, she is a clinical associate professor and AHEC liaison and teaches a summer course on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Degrees and Licenses

MSW, Florida State University
BA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Primary Program

Jordan Institute for Families



Research and Professional Interests

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Modified DBT for IDD Population

Presentations, Workshops and Media

Modified DBT: Interventions to Enhance Emotional Regulation Skills and to Decrease Challenging Behaviors in Adults with I/DD

Understanding Autism: The Impact of Emotional Regulation Issues and Social Cognitive Challenges on Behavior and Academics

The Parenting Spectrum: The Challenges and Gifts of Raising a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Let’s Talk About It! The Power of Promoting Disability Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance and Advocacy

Radical Welcoming: Accepting Those with Neurodiversity into Your Faith-based Community


SOWO 709

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Social Cognitive Interventions