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Ramirez retires after 30 years of service to UNC

Amy Ramirez, a training coordinator with the School of Social Work’s Family and Children’s Resource Program (FCRP), retired this month after serving adults, children, and families across North Carolina for 30 years. A graduate of the University of Maryland Munich Germany and UNC-Chapel Hill, Ramirez began her career at Carolina in 1990 working in oncology as an office assistant.

Three years later, she was providing editing and publication assistance to the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and serving as a publications assistant with the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System. By the late 1990s, Ramirez had joined FCRP, where she worked as a publications assistant and later as an information and communications specialist. In these positions, she supported the work of child welfare social workers and supervisors across the state.

Over much of the last 17 years, Ramirez served as a training coordinator with FCRP, working to ensure a team of education specialists had the needed resources to deliver high quality child welfare specialized training. In her last few years with the program, she supervised members of the team, providing leadership, mentoring, and daily guidance to ensure that social workers receive the vital support they need to better serve families across the state.

Congratulations Amy!