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UNC School of Social Work launches voter awareness campaign

Students, faculty and staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work have launched a statewide project to increase voter participation in North Carolina.

Carolina Social Workers Action for Voting (C-SWAV) is a campaign to encourage individuals to vote and to help social workers share information with their clients, friends and communities about the voting process. It has been chosen as an official service project for the School’s centennial celebration, and the School’s alumni are welcomed and encouraged to participate in C-SWAV.

“This is a completely non-partisan effort with a focus on voting rights, getting out the vote and reducing barriers to voting,” explained Rebecca Brigham, assistant dean of field education at the School.
C-SWAV is beginning its campaign with these activities:

  • Incoming students have received information about C-SWAV and about voting in North Carolina, in addition to VotER badge backers to wear. The badge backer attaches to the back of any identification badge and provides a phone-scannable QR code that links directly to voter registration resources.
  • The School’s field education team is working with field instructors and task supervisors to share C-SWAV resources with voters across North Carolina.
  • Jordan Institute for Families is hosting C-SWAV resources on its website and working with the C-SWAV committee to coordinate activities throughout the fall.
  • Election Day (Nov. 3, 2020) will serve as a Day of Action within the School. Faculty are encouraged to provide asynchronous activities for their classes on this day, providing both students and faculty with time to support local elections through volunteer opportunities and to recognize the importance of this day.

The project will also include virtual training opportunities, documentary film screenings and other events. Events will be announced and promoted on the School’s social media accounts and on the Jordan Institute for Families event page.

“We clearly want to make this a major inclusive initiative this fall,” noted Sarah Verbiest, director of the Jordan Institute for Families. “We have so much work ahead to make sure that all voices are heard this election season.”