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Recent publications

Assistant professor Paul Lanier and clinical associate professor Sarah Verbiest
Lanier, P., Rodriguez, M., Verbiest, S., Bryant, K., Guan, T., & Zolotor, A. (in press). Preventing infant maltreatment with predictive analytics: applying ethical principles to evidence-based child welfare policy. Journal of Family Violence.

Assistant professor Paul Lanier
Lanier, P. (2019). Frameworks of causal inference for improving intervention, prediction, and imagination in family violence research: A commentary on Rose (2019). Journal of Family Violence. Advance online publication.

Clinical instructors Amy Levine and Andrea Murray-Lichtman
Levine, A. S. & Murray-Lichtman, A. (2019). Advancing social justice in field settings: What social work can learn from allied health professions. Field Educator.