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Recent publications

Professor Iris Carlton-LaNey
Hamilton, J. B., Stewart, J. M., Thompson, K., Alvarez, C., Best, N. C., Amoah, K., & Carlton-LaNey, I. B. (2016). Young African American Adults’ use of religious songs to manage stressful life events. Advance online publication. Journal of Religion and Health, 56(1), 329-344. doi:10.1007/s10943-016-0288-6
Bent-Goodley, T., Snell, C. L. & Carlton-LaNey, I. (2016). Black perspectives and social work practice. Advance online publication. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment.

Professor Din Chen
Chen, D.-G., Chen, J., Lu, X., Yi, G., & Yu, H. (Eds.) (2016). Advanced statistical methods in data science. Singapore: Springer.

Assistant professor Paul Lanier
Maguire-Jack, K. & Lanier, P. (2016). Promoting the well-being of all children: An introduction to a special issue featuring the Doris Duke Fellowship [Editorial]. Advance online publication. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 1-5. doi:10.1007/s10560-016-0484-y

Haskett, M. E., Okoniewski, K. C., Armstrong, J., Loehman, J., Lowder, E., & Lanier, P. (2017). Feasibility, acceptability, and effects of a peer support group for parents experiencing homelessness. Advance online publication. Children and Youth Services Review, 73, 187-196.

Assistant professor Paul Lanier, Ph.D. student Joseph Fry, MSW graduate Quinton Smith and Professor Michael Lambert
Lanier, P., Frey, J., Smith, Q., & Lambert, M. (in press). Measuring perceived stigma as a barrier to engagement in a parenting support intervention for Head Start fathers. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research.

Assistant Professor Melissa Lippold
Lippold, M. A., Glatz, T., Fosco, G., & Feinberg, M. E. (in press). Parental perceived control and social support: Linkages to change in parenting practices during early adolescence. Family Process.

Lippold, M. A., Kainz, K., & Sabatine, E. (in press). Using advanced quantitative methods to study the prevention of social problems. British Journal of Social Work.

Lippold, M. A., Davis, K., McHale, S., Buxton, O., & Almeida, D. (2016). Daily stressor reactivity during adolescence: The buffering role of parental warmth. Health Psychology, 35, 1027-1035.

Lippold, M. A., Davis, K., Lawson, K., & McHale, S. (2016). Day to day consistency in positive parent-child interactions and youth well-being. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 12, 3584-3592.

Ph.D. student Todd Jensen and assistant professor Melissa Lippold
Jensen, T., Lippold, M. A., Mills-Koonce, R., & Fosco, G. M. (in press). Stepfamily relationship quality and children’s internalizing and externalizing problems. Family Process.

Assistant professor Latoya Small
Munson, M., Stanhope, V., Small, L., & Atterbury, K. (in press). “At Times I kinda felt I was in an institution”: Supportive housing for transition age youth and young adults. Children and Youth Services Review.