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JUMPSTART orientation event continues to grow

By Annie Francis, MSW, MPA, Coordinator for Student Affairs

In August, the full-time, Triangle, and Winston-Salem MSW Program students kicked off the semester by attending JUMPSTART: Preparation for Practice.

JUMPSTART is a conference-like experience to help prepare students for their social work graduate education and set the stage for them to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and understanding of the profession to successfully complete the program.

This year, incoming MSW students were presented with two exciting new opportunities: a campus tour and a social work practice session with faculty members Josh Hinson and Marty Weems.

The campus tour was led by several of our student ambassadors. In addition to touring our beautiful campus, students received the inside scoop on where to eat, where to study, and of course, where to park. Based on our evaluation feedback from this tour, students really appreciated the opportunity to informally network with current students as well as other members of their cohort.

Weems and Hinson’s session focused on enhancing students’ understanding of our curriculum the School’s curriculum.  Students were provided a comprehensive overview of the first-year experience, curriculum and the learning outcomes they are expected to achieve. Differences and similarities/overlap between direct practice and community, management, and policy practice were also discussed. Students found this session critical in bridging their understanding of the interrelatedness of our current concentrations as well as the foundation coursework.

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