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In memoriam: Lamb ’60, Lewis ’92, Ruth ’90, Wilson ’59

Martha June Lamb, MSW ’60, age 88, died June 8, at her home in Asheville. She led an adventurous life, going to Japan in 1950 to work with casualties of the atomic bomb explosion. She returned to Japan after studying social work and worked as a medical social worker until 1968. She continued to travel and live a life of service to others in Florida and Asheville. Obituary

Stephen Russell Lewis, MSW ’92, age 61, died June 15, at his home in Hendersonville, N.C. He was a team leader inspecting extended care facilities. Obituary

Charlotte Brewer Ruth, MSW ’90, age 68, died of ovarian cancer, at her home in Chapel Hill on May 23. Her husband and two children were beside her. She previously worked as a psychiatric social worker at Butner Hospital, Duke and OPC. Obituary

Katherine “Kitty” Preston Wilson, MSW ’59, age 91, of Greensboro, died on June 29. She served thirty years in the field of Family and Children’s Services in Delaware and North Carolina, retiring in 1982. In Guilford County she set up the first protective service program for abused and neglected children, and returned later to supervise programs of foster care, day care and financial services for the Department of Social Services. In retirement she was active in community affairs. Wilson is survived by Betty Gibson, MSW ’56, her best life long friend and a number of nieces and nephews.