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Faculty briefs

Betsy Bledsoe-Mansori presented the work of her team, including current doctoral students Cindy Fraga Rizo and Candace Killian-Ferral, Traci Wike (Ph.D. ’11), and MSW program alumnae Anne-Marie (Olarte) Bellows, Alison Doernberg, and Amy Ryce Sommer, on adapting interpersonal psychotherapy to treat perinatal psychiatric illness in low-income adolescents, at the Fifth Biannual Meeting of the International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy in Iowa City, Iowa.

Jodi Flick will be training law enforcement officers for several North Carolina counties as part of their crisis intervention training. Flick will be speaking on assessing suicide risk and intervening with persons who are suicidal.

Gary Nelson was invited to participate in a summit at Harvard in May called “Growing the Impact Economy.” He represented The Middle Space (TMS) and the School of Social Work at this gathering. North Carolina had the largest delegation at this Summit. Going forward TMS will play a facilitating role in this emerging new sector of the economy, hybrid organizations committed to contributing positive impacts in our communities, impacts that include financial returns and economic growth, social and environmental benefits.

New publications

Betsy Bledsoe-Mansori has a new publication with colleagues from Virginia Commonwealth University, Catholic University, and the University of Chicago (including Traci Wike, Ph.D. ’11), “Examining inclusion of evidence-based practice on social work training program websites,” Journal of Social Work Education, 49, 439-450.

Lisa Zerden has a new publication with colleagues from Boston University’s Center for Addictions Research and Services in Massachusetts and Tapestry Health, a community-based health organization, “Social and economic factors associated with recent and lifetime incarceration among Puerto Rican drug users,” Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 12(2), 179-195.

Upcoming AHEC workshops by faculty

8/9 – Laurie Selz-Campbell – The Use and Abuse of Professional Privilege: Moving Toward a Social Just Practice

8/15 – Kim Strom-Gottfried – Ethical Practice in Supervision, Annual Children’s State of the Art Conference.

8/7 – Jodi Flick – Depression and Suicide in Adolescents
8/22 – Kim Strom-Gottfried – The Ethics of Practice with Minors
8/30 – Deborah Barrett – Effective Chronic Pain Management: Helping Clients Understand and Improve Their Experience