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Strom-Gottfried lectures in Slovenia and Austria

Professor Kim Strom-Gottfried visited Slovenia and Austria in June, adding to the world map of UNC social work professors collaborating internationally.

Strom-Gottfried lectured to the undergraduate, masters and doctoral students of the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Ljubljana. In addition, she was a guest professor at the international doctoral studies (INDOSOW) summer intensive program in Sankt Poelten, Austria. During her visit, Strom-Gottfried was welcomed by other collaborators including distinguished social work professors from Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Finland and Slovenia.

Additionally, Strom-Gottfried conducted a one-day workshop for Slovenian social work practitioners. “The training that she gave attracted the highest number of participants in the entire history of the school, 52 years,” said Ana Sobocan. “It was a marvelous event, and I am still receiving compliments from participants via email.” Sobocan, of the University of Ljubljana, was a visiting researcher at the UNC School of Social Work in 2011-12.

The Faculty of Social Work at the University of Ljubljana is the only social work school in Slovenia, educating future social workers at all levels, as well as providing long-life learning for social work practitioners.

INDOSOW was initiated by the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Ljubljana, and combines the following institutions: University of Jyvaskyla, Finland; Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, U.K.; Alice Salomon FH Berlin, Germany; and University of Siegen, Germany; bringing together students from these universities, as well as from Serbia, Croatia, Georgia, India, Switzerland and others.