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In the media: Bowen, Burgin, Macy, Sheely, Strom-Gottfried, Smith, Teicher

Two faculty were featured in the April 3 University Gazette for their recent awards. Professor Gary Bowen, on page 5, for his distinguished alumni award from UNC-Greensboro; and Associate Professor Rebecca Macy, on page 6, for her UNC public service award.

Research Associate Stacey Burgin is featured in an anthropology blog, about her work supporting a feasibility study which is implementing an intervention in local mental health courts.

Assistant Professor Amanda Sheely is quoted in an April 19 Public News Service story, “Another Budget Hit for NC’s Safety Net Programs.” Includes audio story.

Professor Kim Strom-Gottfried is quoted in an April 22 Daily Tar Heel story, “UNC shifts focus to provost search.”

Clinical Assistant Professor Bebe Smith was featured in the April 2013 NASW News feature, “Social work in the public eye.”

Emeritus Dean Morton Teicher had a Letter to the Editor published in the New York Times in response to an op-ed about universities teaching technical vs. practical knowledge.