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Strom-Gottfried writes book on nonprofit leadership

Professor Kim Strom-Gottfried has a new book out, “The Best of Boards: Sound Governance and Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations,” published by the American Institute of CPAs.

Nonprofit organizations’ boards are justifiably passionate about their causes and eager to help their organizations. However, in today’s increasingly regulated climate, board members, who come from diverse backgrounds and may have little financial expertise, can feel overwhelmed by the regulations that are their duty to follow.

The book provides not-for-profit board members and financial managers with the essential fiduciary knowledge and indispensable leadership guidance that they need to meet the challenges of the current not-for-profit environment. This book contains:

  • Financial and ethical guidance for real-life situations
  • Practical leadership advice for novice and experienced board members
  • Assistance for not-for-profit managers tasked with governance challenges
  • Tools, checklists, and templates based on common sense management techniques

She has also launched a website, Nonprofit Board Resource.

Strom-Gottfried is the School’s Smith P. Theimann Distinguished Professor for Ethics and Professional Practice.