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The Jordan Institute - Researching Issues Affecting Families and Communities

The Jordan Institute at the UNC School of Social Work is engaged in a variety of research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance projects. These projects address problems that threaten to undermine some families—such as poverty, abuse, mental illness, school failure, and substance abuse—as well as challenges that confront most families—such as providing for aging family members, or the safe care for children.


REACH NC is a web portal that enables users to search, browse and find thousands of experts and assets within North Carolina higher education and research institutions. REACH NC's expert profiles can assist people in industry, community groups and university personnel in efforts to find information and potential collaborators for research and problem-solving. The database includes a number of recent faculty publications and grants. Explore the UNC School of Social Work's profile on REACH NC.

Intervention Research for Justice-Involved Individuals with Mental Illness

The Intervention Research for Justice-Involved Individuals with Mental Illness program of research informs social work practice, policy and future research to improve the lives of justice-involved individuals with mental illness throughout the criminal justice system (i.e., courts, jails, prisons and probation/parole).

Other Resources

Alcohol and Older Adults Brochure

Two new brochures are available to help older adults residing in continuing care retirement communities learn the risks of alcohol as related to medicine. Please see: