2b. Refugees and Maternal and Child Health (Web lecture)

 Refugees and Maternal and Child Health: Health Concerns for Women and Children Resettled in the U.S.
This web-based educational module is a self-learning tool for public health and social work students and professionals who may work with or wish to learn more about refugees. The module includes a text presentation with attached audio (spoken lecture) and covers the definition and journey of refugee women and children; resettlement challenges in the U.S.; common physical and mental health problems; barriers to health care access; and recommendations for improving maternal and child health. For an extended version of the module that includes four distinct lessons in a web-text format, see the module entitled "Refugees and Maternal and Child Health (Extended text version)."

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Refugees Module 


by Khanh Nguyen, MSW/MPH
with assistance from Jennie Vaughn, MSW, Josh Hinson, MSW, Kathleen Rounds, PhD, MPH, MSW, and Trude Bennett, MSW, MPH, DrPH