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Field Instructors

Criteria for Field Instructors

The field instructor is expected to:
•    Be a competent social work practitioner
•    Have an MSW, plus 2 years of subsequent practice experience
•    Demonstrate advanced social work knowledge and skill in the present agency position
•    Evaluate and influence the provision of social work service in the agency
•    Conceptualize and communicate knowledge to others
•    Engage in a give-and-take relationship with the student
•    Be prepared and available for ongoing consultation and provide weekly supervision
•    Discuss student progress periodically with the field advisor
•    Attend and participate in the School’s seminars, workshops, and conferences on Field      Education as appropriate
•    Work cooperatively with the School in evaluating the student, the Field Education program and the curriculum.

Because of geographic location, agency priorities, space restrictions and the periodic need for a sabbatical, not every field instructor will be available in a given year. In November of each year, the School solicits information about prospective field sites and field instructors.