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Field Education Assignments

Field education is a required component of our MSW programs. Our field education team makes all assignments for field placements, taking into consideration each student’s preferences and needs.

Because field education occurs in a real-world environment, students may need to make adjustments to succeed in their field placements. Here are a few considerations:

  • Students must provide their own transportation to their field sites. The locations of these field sites vary. Some are close to campus, but others may be up to 60 miles from campus.
  • Field placement hours reflect the normal business hours maintained by the field sites, and students must be available for placements during those times.
  • Students who need accommodations for disabilities, chronic medical conditions, or other needs at their field sites must register with UNC-Chapel Hill’s Accessibility Resources and Services office prior to the beginning of the semester or as early in the semester as possible.

Review our School’s field placement policies for more information about these and other considerations related to field placements.

If you are currently employed in an agency or organization that provides human services, you may be eligible for a field placement with your employer. However, there are several requirements. For example, you must have a qualified field instructor who is not your job supervisor. Your field placement must include specific activities that meet educational goals and outcomes and that are separate from your job.

Review the guidelines for employer-based field placements if you would like to pursue this option.