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Field Education

Field education is an integral part of each MSW student’s journey at our School. Through field assignments, our students put their classroom knowledge into practice through real-world experiences — exploring career paths, developing workplace skills and competencies, expanding their professional networks, and building confidence in working with clients and colleagues.

Annually, our students are placed in more than 250 different agencies and organizations throughout North Carolina. They contribute more than 130,000 hours to these agencies in total, an estimated value of $1.2 million in service to our state and its people.

Our students have completed field placements in social services, schools, hospitals, community nonprofits, research organizations, substance abuse treatment programs, child welfare agencies, transitional housing programs, and a variety of other organizations. We use a time-tested matching system to ensure that each student receives a field experience assignment that is appropriate to the student’s needs and professional goals.

We have posted the current Field Education Manual among the resources in this section. It includes our School’s policies and procedures on everything from inclement weather to termination of placement, with many details that are critical to a positive field experience. Please review this manual carefully and completely. You are responsible for knowing and applying its information in your field experience.

Our field education team frequently develops resources and materials that are in demand by field education professionals at other colleges and universities across the country. Some of these materials are available here.


Rebecca Brigham, Assistant Dean for Field Education, 919-962-6532

Listing of all Field Education team members at our School

Contact information for field instructors and task supervisors is provided directly to each student participating in field education. Our field instructors and task supervisors provide vital mentorship for our students, as you’ll see in the video posted here.