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Fraser, Mark W.

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Professor Emeritus
M.S.W., Denver University
Ph.D., University of Washington

Professional interests

Children and Families at Risk; Antisocial and Aggressive Behavior in Childhood, Early Adolescence, and Adolescence; Risk and Resilience in Childhood; Prevention of Conduct Problems in Childhood and Adolescence

Curriculum Vitae


Recent news stories

New paper, "Integrated Primary Care and Social Work: A Systematic Review" by Mark Fraser, Brianna Lombardi, Shiyou Wu, Lisa de Saxe Zerden, Erica Richman and Erin Fraher

Fraser selected to receive Faculty Mentoring Award

Third edition of Fraser’s textbook is published

Fraser named Fellow of the American Academy of Social Work and Welfare

Fraser named editor-in-chief of new social work research journal

Some schools may be breeding grounds for teen killers (New Scientist Magazine)

New book, "Propensity Score Analysis: Statistical Methods and Applications" by Shenyang Guo and Mark Fraser to be published July 2009


Tate Talks - a School of Social Work lecture series on emerging ideas and concepts in social work and social welfare

Consumer Satisfaction - Swedish Version (pdf)

Appendix - Summary of Consumer Satisfaction Measures, 2003-2013 (pdf)

Table of Bullying Interventions 2009-2013 (pdf)

Powerpoint: "Outcome Studies of Social, Behavioral, and Educational InterventionsOpportunities and Challenges"

Powerpoint: "Preventing Aggressive Behavior in Childhood: The Making Choices Program"

Propensity Score Analysis Support Site

Order "Propensity Score Analysis" book

Order "Intervention Research" book

Podcast: Intervention Research: Developing Social Programs

YouTube video of keynote presentation on "Evidence-based Practice in Social Work"