Social Work Courses and Syllabi

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Level Course Number Title Semester Instructor(s)
MSW SOWO 757 Professional use of Self 2017 Summer-I
MSW SOWO 853 Approaches to Brief Treatment 2017 Summer-I Ghezzi, Marilyn
MSW SOWO 501 Confronting Oppression & Institutional Discrimination (Discrimination & Inequality) 2017 Spring
MSW SOWO 505 HSBE Adult and Older Adult 2017 Spring
MSW SOWO 510 Evidence-Based Practice and Program Evaluation 2017 Spring
MSW SOWO 524 Foundation Field Seminar II 2017 Spring
MSW SOWO 701 Alchohol Tobacco and Other Drugs: Biomedical Basis 2017 Spring
MSW SOWO 705 Mental Health Recovery and Psychiatric Rehabilitation 2017 Spring Selz Campbell, Laurie J.
MSW SOWO 709.01W Working w/Refugee/Immigrant Survivors/Torture & Trama 2017 Spring Hinson, Quentin Joshua
MSW SOWO 739 Child Welfare Policy 2017 Spring Testa, Mark
MSW SOWO 739.01W Immigration and Citizenship Law and Policy 2017 Spring Hinson, Quentin Joshua
MSW SOWO 740 Implem. Evidence-Informed Practice w/ Individuls, Families &Groups 2017 Spring
MSW SOWO 750 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Theory & Practice 2017 Spring Weems, Marty
MSW SOWO 751 Behavioral Intervention with Children 2017 Spring Zuckerman, Ronni L.
MSW SOWO 753 Interpersonal Psychotherapy 2017 Spring Bledsoe, Sarah E.
MSW SOWO 755 Issues for Contemporary Clinical Practice 2017 Spring Lambert, Michael Canute
MSW SOWO 758 Differential Diagnosis of Mental Health Disorders 2017 Spring
MSW SOWO 761 Alchohol Tobacco and Other Drugs: Diverse Populations 2017 Spring Murray-Lichtman, Andrea
MSW SOWO 764 Motivational Interviewing 2017 Spring Weems, Marty
MSW SOWO 765 Social Work Practice w/Groups 2017 Spring Ghezzi, Marilyn
MSW SOWO 766 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: Theory and Practice 2017 Spring Ghezzi, Marilyn
MSW SOWO 769.002 SW at the Interface of MH/Criminal Justice Systems 2017 Spring Cuddeback, Gary
MSW SOWO 770 Implem. Evidence-Informed Practice w/ Organizations and Communities 2017 Spring Hinson, Quentin Joshua
MSW SOWO 792 Program Dev and Proposal Preparation 2017 Spring Chowa, Gina A.
MSW SOWO 810 Evaluation of Social Work Interventions 2017 Spring
MSW SOWO 831 Substance Abuse Policy 2017 Spring Weems, Marty
MSW SOWO 834 Advanced Policy Practice 2017 Spring Ansong, David
MSW SOWO 835 Poverty Policy 2017 Spring Masa, Rainier DeVera
MSW SOWO 836 Health Access and Health Disparities Policy 2017 Spring Verbiest, Sarah
MSW SOWO 837 Disability Policy 2017 Spring Selz Campbell, Laurie J.
MSW SOWO 850.01W School Social Work: Policy and Practice 2017 Spring Williams, Tauchiana
MSW SOWO 856 Care of the Dying and Bereaved through Life Span 2017 Spring Dews, Denisé
MSW SOWO 884 Executive Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations 2017 Spring Adjabeng, Bernice Korkor
MSW SOWO 885 Financial Management for Nonprofits 2017 Spring
PhD SOWO 916 Structural Equation Modeling 2017 Spring Chen, Ding-Geng (Din)
PhD SOWO 918 Applied Regression Analysis and Generalized Linear Models 2017 Spring Kainz, Kirsten
PhD SOWO 919 Systemic Reviews & Meta-Analysis 2017 Spring
PhD SOWO 921 Qualitative Research Methods 2017 Spring Bledsoe, Sarah E.
PhD SOWO 940 Development of Social Intervention Models 2017 Spring Fraser, Mark W.
MSW SOWO 500 HBSE Infancy to Adolescence 2017 Fall
MSW SOWO 523 Foundation Field Seminar I 2017 Fall
MSW SOWO 530 Social Welfare Policy 2017 Fall
MSW SOWO 540 Social Work Practice with Families & Individuals 2017 Fall
MSW SOWO 570 Social Work Practice with Organizations & Communities 2017 Fall
MSW SOWO 700 Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs (ATOD) Abuse and Dependence 2017 Fall McGuire, Michael
MSW SOWO 741 Integrated Behavioral Health 2017 Fall
MSW SOWO 760 Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs (ATOD): Clinical Practice 2017 Fall Weems, Marty
MSW SOWO 767 Differential Diagnosis & Case Form: Mental Health Treatment 2017 Fall Ghezzi, Marilyn
MSW SOWO 769 Child and Adolescent MH: Theory & Practice 2017 Fall
MSW SOWO 840 Adult Mental Health: Theory & Practice 2017 Fall Ghezzi, Marilyn