Social Work Courses and Syllabi

Level Course Number Title Semester Instructor(s)
MSW SOWO 709.001 Human Migration: Implications for Policy, Practice & Research 2020 Summer-I Mergner, Sherry C.
MSW SOWO 730.01W Social Work and the Law 2020 Summer-I Souders, Tina M.
MSW SOWO 741 Social Work Practice in Integrated Health Care with Underserved Populations 2020 Summer-I Kanfer, Meryl
MSW SOWO 840 Adult MH: Theory & Practice 2020 Summer-I Taylor, Evelyn
MSW SOWO 853 Approaches to Brief Treatment 2020 Summer-I Bledsoe, Sarah E.
MSW SOWO 874 Admin & Management: Theory & Practice 2020 Summer-I Verbiest, Sarah