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SSWiS Conditions of Use

All users of SSWiS must agree to comply with these conditions of use for this online database.

Conditions of Use


Access to this database is limited to UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work MSW students, approved and current field instructors and task supervisors, and approved UNC-Chapel Hill administrators, faculty, and staff.


The SSWiS database is used for the development, maintenance, and provision of student services, study plans, and field education experiences. Use of this information for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Persons found to be using this information for activities other than official University purposes will lose access privileges.

Privacy and Security

Users of this database must agree to view and handle information contained herein in accordance with applicable University privacy and security policies. In particular, this database cannot be used to store personal health or medical information. (You may wish to review a summary of the related policies.)

SSWiS Oversight

Administrators of the SSWiS database reserve the right to edit and/or delete any information contained herein.

Strategies for Online Security

UNC-Chapel Hill employees are asked to be mindful of the University’s “7 Strategies for Protecting Sensitive Information:”

  1. Report email scams and phishing attempts to the University.
  2. Use strong passwords and do not save them on your browser.
  3. Update online software (your web browser and helper apps, such as Acrobat or Flash) regularly.
  4. Use anti-virus software.
  5. Enable firewall software.
  6. Use VPN software when accessing University assets off campus.
  7. Lock your computer whenever you leave it unattended.