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3-Year Distance Education Programs


Offered in the Triangle and in Winston-Salem for students who wish to complete the MSW over the course of three years.

First year of study:

  • Students take two classes on Fridays each semester from 9am-5pm. (This is the only requirement in the first year for students working in human services.)
  • Students not employed in human services must be involved in a volunteer experience to provide opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the Generalist Curriculum.

Second year of study:

  • Students take two classes on Fridays each semester from 9am-5pm.
  • Complete the Generalist field education requirements which are: 16 hours of field education per week, along with a field education seminar every other Friday.

Field work is concurrently undertaken with course work. For exceptions to the field education requirements, such as summer block or employer-based field placments, please contact the director of the 3-year program to which you are applying.

Third year of study:

Students in the Triangle and Winston-Salem distance education programs must attend classes in Chapel Hill on Mondays and/or Tuesdays as full-time students once they complete the 32 hours of distance education study. In their 3rd year, students will complete their Advanced Curriculum requirements with Advanced Standing and 2nd year full-time students.


Enrollment Dates

Students are admitted to the Triangle and Winston-Salem 3-year Distance Education programs each fall (August). Orientations generally begin in early August.