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Doctoral Student Directory

Agha, Erum
Special interests: Risk and resilience in diverse populations; empowerment of women through education; caregiver needs.

Baca-Atlas, Stefani
Special Interests: Immigrant/Immigrant Populations; International Social Work, HIV/AIDS; Health Disparities Interpersonal Violence

Chesworth, Brittney
Special interests: Develop effective treatment for IPV perpetrators; individuals exposed to trauma and childhood maltreatment; terminally ill patients.

Chung, Siew (Gerard)
Special interests: Develop social work research and practice with fathers, and support fathers from vulnerable families.

Deck, Premela
Special interests: Criminal Justice; Juvenile Justice; Public Welfare; Adult Health/Mental Health

Francis, Annie
Special interests: Poverty; capacity building; systems change; child welfare; issues related to Native American identity.

Frey, Joseph
Special interests: Community-level protective factors; child maltreatment prevention programs; strengthening positive outcomes for LGBT populations; social network analysis; policy development and analysis.

Graham, Laurie
Special interests: Interpersonal violence; immigrant/migrant populations; poverty; child welfare; criminal justice.

Guan, Ting
Special interests: The relationship between the psychosocial development of children with illnesses and family support.

Horsford, Christina
Special interests: Aging; health disparities.

Jenkins, Melissa
Special interests:  Child Welfare; Sex and Labor Trafficking; Child/Adolescent Health/Mental Health; School Intervention

Jordan, Brooke
Special interests: Develop social work research to help domestic survivors of sex trafficking, and create evidence based, trauma informed prevention and intervention programs.

Klein, Lauren (LB)
Special interests: Interpersonal violence prevention and intervention; social determinants of health; LGBT Populations; adult health/mental health; community capacity building; social policy

Lazar, Michael
Special interests: Substance Abuse; Adult Health/Mental Health

McGovern, Patricia
Special interests: Adult health/mental health; child/adolescent health/mental health; substance abuse; early intervention; health disparities.

Parisi, Anna
Special interests: Improve availability and utilization of empirically supported treatments for comorbid mental health and substance use disorders.

Phillips, Jonathan
Special interests: Child and family welfare in the context of client interaction and experience in the justice and mental health systems, multigenerational impact and socio-economic implications of such institutional involvement.

Rabiner, Sarah
Special Interests: School Intervention; Child/Adolescent Health/Mental Health; Assets Development; Juvenile Justice

Sabatine, Elaina
Special interests: School intervention; early intervention; child/adolescent health/mental health; poverty; child welfare.

Sharma, Anjalee
Special interests: Substance abuse issues within the criminal justice population, best practices, pharmacotherapy treatments, and continuity of care for disenfranchised populations.

Smith, Quinton
Special interests:  Child/Adolescent Health/Mental Health; Poverty; Criminal Justice/Corrections; Health Disparities

Stewart, C. Joy
Special interests: Data analysis; bridging gap between research and practice; child welfare.

Villodas, Melissa
Special interests:  Child/Adolescent Health/Mental Health; Community Development; Poverty; Public Welfare

Watkins, Charity 
Special Interests: Child/adolescent health/mental health; early intervention; poverty; school intervention.    

Williams, Andrew
Special Interests: Trauma treatment; military sexual trauma; military accessions; military policy; international social work.