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Faculty Resources

The School of Social Work faculty represent a diversity of interests and specialization and have a distinguished record of scholarly achievement. All faculty members engage in research and consistently publish or present their findings. The faculty generate several million dollars each year in research contracts and grants from national, state and local sources, providing opportunities for graduate students to be involved in cutting-edge research. Faculty research solidly advances the organizing theme of social intervention, and ongoing projects embody a commitment to examining
the interrelationships among levels of social intervention.


Faculty members in the School of Social Work maintain an ongoing agenda of research and technical consultation with research centers and human services agencies in North Carolina, including with:

Research Centers:                                                      Human Services Agencies
                                                                                      Department of Human Resources

UNC Hospitals                                                              Division of Social Services
Duke University School of Medicine                        Division of Child Development
VA Medical Center                                                       Division of Aging
Research Triangle Institute                                        Division of MHDDSAS