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Graduate Certificate in Global Transmigration

The Graduate Certificate in Global Transmigration is available to UNC-CH graduate students in all schools who wish to acquire a specialization in issues of human migration, immigration, transnational migration, or refugee work, whether internationally or domestically focused. The certificate is administered by the UNC School of Social Work and is a collaboration between the School of Social Work and the Center for Global Initiatives. It may be awarded to students at either the master’s or doctoral level.

The goals of this Certificate are for students to:

  • Review current academic research on social, political, and economic trends of worldwide human migration, including the human consequences such as effects on health, mental health, behavior, and individual and family development.
  • Achieve core competencies necessary for serving those most affected by transmigration, and to disseminate evidence-based practices for serving these populations in health, human services, and policy settings.
  • Develop an individual professional development plan for achieving core competencies with a specific migrant, immigrant, transmigrant, or refugee population or area of practice.
  • Engage in needs assessment and intervention/program development with a selected population affected by transmigration, and to present this work in a conference setting. 


Spring 2014 Global Transmigration Courses of Interest:

GLBL 382

Latin American Migrant Perspectives: Ethnography and Action

HIST 820

Problems in Latin American History

MHCH 664

Globalization and Health

MHCH 716

International Family Planning & Reproductive Health

POLI 434

Politics of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean

POLI 731

Politics of Development and Change


Intermediate Spanish for Health Care 1


Advanced Spanish for Health Care 1

SOCI 813

Comparative Welfare States



1. Complete three graduate courses (9 credit hours with a grade of H or P) at UNC or from any university that UNC has a formal consortium arrangement on topics related to human migration. Only one of the three courses may count toward the student’s degree program. One of the three must be the core course, SoWo 709: Human Migration – Implications for Policy, Practice, and Research, which is offered each fall.

2. Engagement with an organization that is currently addressing issues of human migration is required. As part of the core course assignments, students will work with the organization to conduct a needs assessment and develop an intervention or program plan to address identified needs.

3. Over the course of the following spring semester, students will participate in a seminar series and will work with the organization to begin implementing the intervention or program.

4. Students will produce a written document of their research and their progress towards implementing the proposed project. Students will present their work at a setting to be determined in conjunction with the partnering organization and the Global Transmigration Certificate Program Director.

5. Language or technical training is strongly encouraged if it is appropriate to the student’s field.


Graduate students interested in pursuing the Certificate are responsible for constructing their own course plan and making all arrangements associated with the independent research project. Students must:

  1. Complete the Application Form and email it to the Program Director before registering for classes for the fall semester. Subsequently, the student will be contacted for an in-person or telephone interview. If granted admission, the student will then need to enroll in SoWo 709: “Human Migration – Implications for Policy, Practice, and Research” in the fall semester.
  2. Design a course plan in consultation with the Program Director. Course plans must demonstrate thematic integrity and coherence.
  3. Prior to initiation of the research project (which will begin with assignments in the core course, SoWo 709), the student must submit a written statement of intent to the Program Director for approval in which the relevance and goals of the partnering organization are clearly delineated. An official letter of affiliation from the proposed organization is also required.
  4. On completion of the research project, the student must submit to the Program Director and to the organization a 5 to 10-page critical analysis of the project and its relation to the needs of the target population. This paper should document the research leading up to project implementation, progress towards implementing the project, and plans for evaluation and sustainability.
  5. Students will present their work at a setting to be determined in conjunction with the partnering organization and the Global Transmigration Certificate Program Director.


Admissions Criteria

UNC Graduate Students 

Admission is granted automatically, yet students must complete and submit an application to indicate their intention to complete the certificate and a plan of study.

Non-UNC Students

This newly-established program is currently accepting only current UNC graduate students. However, in the future we hope to open the program to other individuals and working professionals, such as community providers. Please follow us here and on our Facebook page for the latest news and updates on our Program.


Academic Standards

A student who earns a grade of L (low pass) or F (fail) in any three credit hour Certificate course will become ineligible.

Credit Transfers

  • Per UNC Graduate School policy, no greater than 40% of academic credit (2 out of 5 required courses) toward the graduate degree may be granted via credit transfers.
  • Credit transfers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Program Director who will consult participating faculty and advisory board members concerning the degree of alignment between Certificate courses and intended transfer credits.

Certificate Completion

While UNC School of Social Work will make every effort to monitor and support students’ progress in completing Certificate requirements, it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to notify UNC School of Social Work when they have completed requirements.

Upon verification of successful completion of Certificate requirements, UNC School of Social Work will send a Certificate indicating completion of the program to students who have fulfilled program requirements and will notify the University Registrar to request that Certificate completion be noted on official transcripts.

For More Information...

For more information about the certificate, contact Josh Hinson, Program Director, at

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