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Akshata Malur


Antiracist (Functional Analytical) Psychotherapy


An intensive primer on courageous action inside and beyond the session that builds trust, transforms behavior, and mends racial, ethnic, and cultural divides. Clinical Lectures Series and Institutes are for students, professionals, and community members …

Pandemic Grief and Loss


In this workshop, Leeza Park and Justin Yopp will draw from years of work with bereaved family members and people facing serious illness, to offer lessons on how to support people to process and incorporate …

Adolescent Substance Use


This program is presented in sponsorship with the UNC INSPIRED Lab. Michael McGuire and Eamonn McAteer will present theory, strategies and cutting-edge approaches for effective work with a diversity of adolescents. They will draw from …

Ethics in End-of-Life Care


Covid-19 has heightened people’s attention to mortality, and it is our ethical responsibility to be prepared to assist clients and family members facing serious illness and end-of-life concerns. Participants will learn about tools and frameworks for …