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Program Director



The primary role of the iCan House Program Director is to ensure the smooth, safe, and effective functioning of programs at the iCan House providing excellence in all we do. The Program Director maintains trusting relationships with parents and members, while developing and leading a cohesive and collaborative team. The Program Director is part of the executive leadership team working closely with the Executive Director and the Office Manager to maintain program excellence and further the mission of the organization. The Program Director must be an energetic and positive leader, able to inspire others while bringing diverse populations together around a common cause and mission.The Program Director supervises all full-time and part-time program staff members and ensures quality performance through evaluation and ongoing observation and coaching.
Knowledge of and familiarity with neuro-diverse populations, including autism spectrum and related communication disorders, are essential. It is imperative that the Program Director be compassionate and sensitive to the unique needs of those impacted by communication and processing differences seen in autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, as well as related social deficits.

Executive Director

Full- and part-time program staff, and volunteers



  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in nonprofit management, education, healthcare, or related field
  • Experience in leadership and personnel management (2 years minimum)
  • Practical experience and demonstrated success in the fields of education and curriculum development


  • Master’s degree, preferably in nonprofit management, education, healthcare, or related field


  • Experience in program coordination and development.
  • Demonstrated management skills with an emphasis on coaching, team building, collaboration, consensus building.
  • Inspirational leader who can bring a diverse audience together around a vision and common goals.
    • Superb communication and relationship-building skills.
    • Approachable, engenders trust and goodwill.
    • Professionally and compassionately represents iCan House effectively with families, organizations, partners, and donors, in person and in writing.
    • Supervisory experience with a passion for developing individuals while overseeing highly effective, detailed planning, and careful implementation.
      • Willingness to maintain a flexible work schedule that includes weekday evening hours.
      • Proficiency with computer software for email, web applications, word processing, spreadsheet analysis, and database management.
        • Strong critical thinking and decision-making skills.
        • Ability to manage complex projects with competing priorities.
        • Experienced facilitator with a dynamic, confident, and welcoming presentation style; ability to push forward the thinking of large and small groups while balancing the needs of the individual participants, the group/team, and the process framework.
        • Knowledge of and the ability to put into practice, the strategies and techniques of pedagogy and psychology.
        • Ability to demonstrate, and provide examples of, continuous personal development and improvement in, each of the essential functions listed in the section below.


The individual in this role may not perform all of these duties, or may perform additional, related duties not listed here.

  • Maintains an organization-wide atmosphere in collaboration with the Office Manager that is consistent with the vision, values, and mission of the iCan House.
  • Facilitates the development of trusting relationships and partnerships with clients, parents, colleagues, donors, co-workers, and directors, including a close working relationship with the Board of Directors.
    • Fundraising: Be involved with the ongoing fundraising efforts of iCan House supporting the events and projects which includes overseeing and managing staff involvement.
    • Board Interaction: Presents at monthly Board of Director meetings to update on iCan House programs and staff.
      • Financial Management: Develops, adheres to, and oversees the Program Department’s budget.
      • Programming: Participates in the strategic development of iCan House programming. Directs program components and collaborative projects working closely with Executive Director in all matters pertaining to approach, content and direction. Coordinates and oversees intake evaluation and admission of program participants. Develops and manages effective processes related to program implementation.
      • Operations: Supervises all aspects of the iCan House program operations. Works closely with the Office Manager regarding sound planning to ensure organization’s effectiveness, quality, and sustainability. Maintains or formulates program policies, procedures, and protocols as needed. Maintains cleanliness and upkeep of physical space.
      • Staff and Volunteer Management: Supervises the human resource requirements of the iCan House which includes: identifying proper staffing levels, reviewing job descriptions, recruiting and training new employees, directing existing employees, providing feedback on individual performance, develops staff skills and potential. Builds and manages a high-performing team. Oversees program volunteers including recruitment, training, scheduling and supervision.
      • Demonstrates a strong sense of curiosity and commitment to learning as well as the ability to change course nimbly in response to emerging program dynamics (i.e., not stuck in a single way).
        • Oversees and manages the iCan House social skills curriculum for the programs.
        • Along with the program staff, sets and publishes a monthly schedule of events and programs.
        • Promotes an environment that facilitates comfort, flexibility, self-empowerment, and inclusiveness.

Send resume and cover letter to: Kim Shufran