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Population Health Leader - MSW


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Job ID: OTH01O5H

Job Description

This position takes responsibility for coordinating and implementing a patient's care plan, either alone or in conjunction with a team of health professionals. Delivers high quality, efficient care through patient engagement and education, improved care coordination and successful implementation care plans. Collaborates with patients and members of the health care team to identify appropriate utilization of resources and to ensure reimbursement.

This is a complex care management position that may include counseling. Qualified social worker will participate on a multidisciplinary ambulatory care team to serve patients with complex social, environmental, and mental health needs that prevent them from reaching their health goals. This patient population includes Medicaid, Medicare, uninsured, and private payers. Position will assist with intensive case management of complex patients with high social and medical needs. This will include assessment of social determinants of health and working with patients and families to decrease barriers to care. The optimal candidate will be knowledgeable about, and experienced in work addressing, housing, food insecurity, mental health, substance abuse, and end of life care. The social worker will have experience in work with an interdisciplinary care team in a primary care setting. This will include a team of other social workers and care management assistants. There may be opportunities to provide behavioral counseling to patients, based on the needs of the patient population. Qualified social worker would be able to serve more than one site of care in the triangle.

Prefer experience in work with end-of-life planning and care, with vulnerable populations, goal-focused behavioral counseling for primary care, and in quality improvement.


Master's degree in Social Work (MSW) from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education or graduation from a state accredited school of professional nursing. Five (5) years of experience in a health care setting.

Primary Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

Department: P-31331-SOM GEN MED CLINIC

Shift: Day Job