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Adult Services Social Worker III


The Richmond County Department of Social Services is seeking a full-time Adult Services Social Worker III with the Guardianship program. 

This position determines the extent of neglect, abuse, or exploitation and may facilitate moving a client to an appropriate setting to assess strengths and risk factors related to physical and mental health; and provide counseling to alleviate family crises. Employees also communicate to facilitate adaptive coping responses to illness and surgery, provide expert opinions to legal officials or medical staff.


This position will provide social work services in the area of Guardianship and Adult Protective Services. Work may involve investigation of alleged neglect, abuse, or exploitation. The work involves the assessment of individual and family dynamics and needs, serving as expert witness at court hearings, crisis intervention, and counseling. Work involves explaining diagnosis and treatment alternatives to patients and families. Additional functions carried out by this position include; guardianship and/or removal of client from homes by filing of appropriate court documents, client placement, making difficult decisions regarding catastrophic and terminal illness, and worker acts as a liaison to agencies such as placement providers, Hospice, Aging Centers, Hospitals, Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Mental Health, etc. Employees in this position supervise and train lower level social workers. Employees will make use of all MAC services whenever possible.  Those services are: referral, coordination and monitoring of Medicaid Services, facilitating an application for the Medicaid Program, Outreach for Medicaid Services, and arranging Transportation Services for client to access Medicaid Services. This position also requires the worker to have a thorough knowledge of Adult Home Specialist requirements. Employees report to the Director or unit supervisor.

Minimum Training and Experience Requirements: Master's degree in social work from an accredited school of social work; Bachelor's degree in social work from an accredited school of social work; Bachelor's degree in social work from an accredited school of social work and one year directly related experience; Master's degree in a human services field and one year of directly related experience; Bachelor's degree in a human services field from an accredited college or university and two years directly related experience; Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and three years of directly related experience. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with members of case load and their families, as well as civic, legal, medical, social, and religious organizations. Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely and to plan and execute work effectively.

Thorough knowledge of social work principles, techniques, and practices, and their application to complex casework, group work, and community problems. Considerable knowledge of a wide range of medical, behavioral, and/or psychosocial problems and their treatment theory. Considerable knowledge of family and group dynamics and a range of intervention techniques, governmental and private organizations, and resources in the community, laws, regulations, and policies which govern the program. Employees may require knowledge of medical diagnoses, treatment alternatives, disease pathophysiology, biopsychosocial, adaptive, and coping responses to illnesses. General knowledge of the methods and principles of casework supervision and training.

All applications received will be considered but not necessarily interviewed.  Candidates must have a valid state driver’s license and a clean driving record.  A Criminal Background Check will be completed on applicant hired. References will be required as well as College transcripts.

Salary & Benefits -  $47,496, group medical and dental insurance, vacation,  sick leave, life insurance, retirement program and 401K.

Interested candidates must submit a PD-107 state application and return to one of the following:

Email Amy Greene at OR
Email Lori Tadlock at OR

Fax to 910-410-1127 OR

Drop off application in a sealed envelope to the Social Services Registration window OR
Complete and application and return to NC Works Career Center


No phone calls please.

Application deadline is January 25, 2019

Richmond County is an EOE.