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ACT Licensed Mental Health Specialist / Therapist


Carolina Outreach, LLC
Durham, NC,

Wake, NC,

Benefits Offered Vision, Medical, Life Insurance, 401k, Dental
Employment Type Full-Time

Primary Purpose of this Position

The primary purpose of this position is to provide community-based, in-home individual and family therapy to Mental Health and Substance Abuse clients receiving ACT team services. Interventions should be strengths-based and focused on promoting symptom stability, increasing the recipient's ability to cope and relate to others, and enhancing the highest level of functioning in the community. The person in this position will work with clients, families, and natural supports to provide the following: service coordination; crisis assessment and intervention; symptom assessment and management; individual counseling and psychotherapy; substance abuse treatment; work-related services; activities of daily living services; social, interpersonal relationship, and leisure-time activity services; support services or direct assistance to ensure that individuals obtain the basic necessities of daily life; and education, support, and consultation. Duties may also include maintaining oversight of services provided within and outside the agency, providing consultation to the ACT team about a client’s mental health issues, acting as an advocate for the client, family, and natural supports in the community and developing/evaluating the person-centered plan with the client and team to ensure that services are being delivered and are appropriate to the needs of the client, family, and natural supports.

Description of Responsibilities, Requirements, and Duties

· As a member of the ACT team, provide mental health assessments and recommend/implement treatment options based on these assessments.

· Provide clinical guidance to the team about clients’ mental health issues and develop and implement (or assist in the development and implementation of) clients’ person-centered plans.

· Provide clinical guidance and/or oversight in the development of crisis plans and transition plans when clients move in and out of services.

· Provide individual, family, or group therapy to clients, families, and natural supports, based on their needs, diagnoses, and best evidence-based practices.

· Implement therapeutic interventions, crisis interventions, behavioral interventions, psycho-educational activities, and other best evidence-based practice therapies.

· Work with clients, families, natural supports, and collateral agencies in reviewing, applying, and achieving goals outlined in the person-centered plan.

· Provide parent/guardian/natural support training to improve interaction with the client.

· Assist in all service delivery as formally planned with the clinical team.

· Provide any required written documentation, including, but not limited to, treatment notes, goals, and plans for the medical record (e.g., service notes, person-centered plan).

· Be available to respond as needed to clients and co-workers 24/7/365.

· Must be free from all illicit substance use.

· This is considered Light Work; no lifting over 20 pounds.

· Follow ACT Model fidelity as identified by the TMACT

· This position will require additional duties which are not specifically listed above, at the discretion of team lead, supervisor and/or management.

Experience / Licensure / Certification

At a minimum, the Master’s Level Mental Health Specialist must have master’s level QP status according to 10A NCAC 27G.0104 including a Master's Degree in counseling, social work, or psychology and one-year experience in direct practice, working with clients with mental health and/or substance abuse issues AND a current license, provisional license, certificate, registration, or permit issued by the governing board regulating a human service profession.

Each ACT team staff member must successfully participate in a DMH-approved ACT training. An employee must become NVCI certified, and must receive training in population served and client rights/confidentiality. Employees will be required to attend orientation in the Carolina Outreach treatment model and agency policies and procedures. CPR/first aid and BBP certification will be required. A valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance is also required. An employee must demonstrate competence to deliver ACT services prior to service provision.

Special Training / Skills

The ACT team Master’s Level Mental Health Specialist must do the following:

· Demonstrate ability to organize and plan weekly schedule and manage time effectively.

· Be committed to a solution-oriented, client-focused, community-based intervention approach to service.

· Demonstrate ability to work within a team model.

· Demonstrate ability to join with clients, families, and natural supports in a full partnership to build on strengths, community resources, and formal and informal supports.

· Possess thorough knowledge of policies, procedures, and standards of care for treatment/services.

· Have excellent oral and written communication skills, including presentation effectiveness.

· Communicate regularly with all ACT team members and attend daily ACT team meetings.

· Be competent with office software applications.

· Be adept at initiating daily activities without direct supervision.

· Have functional and reliable personal vehicle to meet position in-home requirements.

Carolina Outreach, LLC

CAROLINA OUTREACH, LLC, provides mental health and substance abuse services to individuals and families. It is our strong commitment to person-centered and client-driven services that sets us apart from other mental health and substance abuse providers in the state.


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