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Project CATCH Case Manager


Job Title:
Project CATCH Case Manager   DepartmentProject CATCH/Social Ministries
Location:Raleigh, NC
FLSA:Non-Exempt    Reports to: Project CATCH Program Coordinator 
Revision Date: 9/12/18     Close Date: 9/28/18

Job Summary:
This position will address the general health, mental health and educational needs of children in any of the shelter programs participating in Project CATCH.  This position will complete developmental, educational and social/emotional screenings and make appropriate referrals; assist with linkage to services and provide transportation, as able, for families to make outside appointments.  Consultation on parenting issues will be provided to providers and parents as well as direct short term work with parents.  The position will provide support for parent/child relationships within the shelter community through the implementation of parent/child activities and/or child specific activities; continue to build a community collaborative to strengthen partnerships with providers  serving  children and families; take the lead on certain program related projects. 
Essential Functions:
Case Management for: (75%)
Children and families experiencing homelessness:
a.    Accept referrals for service assessment for children residing in the participating Project CATCH shelter programs.
b.    Identify children experiencing homelessness ages 0-18 and connect them to appropriate community services such as: child care, mental, medical, educational, developmental, social services related and extra curricular activities/providers to help improve their well-being.
c.    Complete a psycho-social history in conjunction with the parent(s) and /or legal guardian and conduct evidence based screenings using the Brigance, ASQSE  and the SDQ on each child, ensuring children ages 0-5 are targeted and screened primarily.
d.    Meet with parent(s) and/or legal guardians to discuss results of assessments and recommendations for services
e.    Track the number of children referred and served, screenings performed and results of screenings and referrals made; track outcomes of referrals and services.  
f.    Prepare and maintain case records and logs on all assigned clients; ensure the accuracy and completeness of the same
g.    Maintains up to date information on existing community resources for parents and children
h.    Prepares and maintains statistical records on all services provided; compiles and prepares monthly statistical reports and weekly reports for staff meetings; ensure the accuracy and completeness of the same.

i.    Identify the number of children served by each shelter/provider and track data of number of children served by shelters.  Obtain numbers through collection of data from providers.

Outreach/Collaborative Work: (15%)
a.    Assist Coordinator with trauma informed care trainings; provide consultation to shelter agencies on the impact of trauma and the development of trauma informed practices
b.    Conduct continuous outreach to create opportunities such as camps and after school programs.
c.    Attend community meetings and maintain/create partnerships with agencies to aid in streamlined service delivery for families and children, particularly among shelter case managers, early intervention providers, Smart Start, DHHS (Work First and Subsidy) and Head Start.
d.    Conduct outreach activities to hotels and areas where families live to connect them to services.
e.    Create a collaborative network with early intervention providers and lead monthly meetings centered around cases/case management of the children.  Potential providers.
f.    Conduct regular Head Start drives in shelters for families throughout the community.
g.    Work towards bringing outside services to families in shelters.

Program Activities/Administration: (10%)
a.    Take the lead on the coordinating CATCH monthly collaborative meetings, organizing the calendar and the speakers
b.    Organize and lead the Fall Festival which includes: contacting providers, organizing volunteers and donations.
c.    Assist Program Coordinator with program related tasks and growth of the program

Materials and Equipmment
Computer and Printer        Photocopy Machine        Fascimile Machine

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Ability to communicate with clients in a trauma informed, client centered manner.
Ability to keep accurate records, organize client and case files and conduct evaluation of the client’s progress toward goals.
Ability to analyze data and reports
Ability to work with the public, communicate effectively with community partners and develop collaborative community partnerships.
Ability to enter data into an Excel spreadsheet regarding client referrals and services offered and track data outcomes.
Ability to work independently and take initiative on projects.  To brainstorm and be a team player
Self-sufficient and able to work without a significant amount of supervision
Ability to read, write and communicate the English language.
Knowledge of Wake County resources and services.

Minimum Qualifications Required:
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Social Work, Child Development, or a human services related field with at least two years of experience working with low income children and families.  Masters in Social Work preferred.

Driver’s license required.

Physical Requirements

Ability to meet attendance requirements.

Ability to perform routine mathematical computations.

Ability to type.

Ability to keypunch information into a computer.

Ability to sort and file documents alphabetically and numerically.

Ability to operate various general office equipment including a telephone, Dictaphone, typewriter, computer, and adding machine.

Duties are usually performed seated.  Sitting may be relieved by brief or occasional periods of standing or walking.

Limited amount of physical effort required associated with walking, standing, lifting and carrying light objects (less than 25 lbs.) 5-10% of work time.

Working Conditions
Work is performed in a normal office environment where there are little or no physical discomforts associated with changes in weather or discomforts associated with noise, dust, dirt, and the like.

Work may require driving a vehicle where there may be discomforts associated with heavy traffic or changes in weather.

Statement of Purpose
This document provides descriptive information about the above Salvation Army position. Work actually performed by incumbents in this position may vary. Although this document may be used for recruiting, staffing, or career planning, the information contained herein should only be used as a guideline or recommendation for the content of and qualifications for this position. An individual’s ability to meet the qualifications and capabilities described in this document is not a guarantee of employment or promotion. The Salvation Army reserves the right to make changes to this document as deemed necessary without providing advance written notice.
All employees recognize that The Salvation Army is a church and agree that they will do nothing as an employee of The Salvation Army to undermine its religious mission.
Your signature below indicates that you have read and understand the job description and agree to perform the duties as assigned.

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