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Student emergency loans

School of Social Work Emergency Financial Assistance

  • The Hank Hollingsworth Alumni Student Loan Fund is a special fund established by the friends and family of a highly valued former faculty member of the School of Social Work.
  • The Heath-Webb Student Loan fund was established by Kathryn Heath and Tom Webb of Charlotte, North Carolina.  

Both loan funds are short-term, revolving emergency loan funds to aid UNC School of Social Work students when faced with a financial problem requiring immediate resolution.  Neither loan fund is designed to meet long-term loan needs.  In the event an emergency has arisen to prevent students from having funds available for living expenses, such as food, rent, books, childcare, etc., a loan can be approved. Emergency Loans cannot be approved to pay University charges, such as tuition, since this is a planned expense. Loans are made based upon the availability of funds and at the discretion of the School of Social Work.

The Emergency Loan funds are financed by the University and must be repaid by the due date. In no case will the repayment date be approved beyond the first day of the last month of the semester in which the loan is borrowed (i.e., not after 12/1 or 5/1).

If you are interested in more information, please review the School of Social Work Emergency Loan application.