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Green Hill Recovery Behavioral Health Technician

Contact Information:

Green Hill Recovery
723 W. Johnson St, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27603

About Green Hill Recovery: Green Hill Recovery is an academically oriented, substance use disorder recovery program that offers integrated sober living and intensive outpatient services. The company provides sober supportive housing, life coaching, academic and college admissions counseling, experiential and holistic therapy as well as intensive outpatient clinical services to emerging adults

interested in attending college. Green Hill Recovery’s residential and clinical facilities are conveniently located near NC State University, Duke University, William Peace University, Wake Tech Community College, UNC-Chapel Hill, and other local colleges and universities. The company aims to equip clients with the skills and support needed to succeed in recovery and in life. For more information, please visit

Position Overview: Green Hill Recovery is looking for dynamic behavioral health technicians who have experience working in the mental health and substance use disorder treatment fields. This position will be in charge of helping residents identify and achieve their goals and meet their needs through acting as the staff/resident liaison – in addition, to acting as a safety observer for both the clients and the recovery residence. This position’s responsibilities also including overseeing recovery residence maintenance, providing transportation for residents, and assisting residents in their recovery journey by helping them to follow program rules and seek assistance from clinical or administrative staff when needed. This position may require additional shift work in the event of an emergency.

As a Behavioral Health Technician, you will:

(1)   Receive immersive, direct clinical experience (field internship). This includes:

(A)   Individual counseling sessions;

(B)   Family therapy sessions;

(C)   And group therapy sessions.

(2)   Receive case management experience.

(3)   Receive care coordination experience.

(4)   Have time to do school work while getting paid.

(5)   Receive paid supervision by our Clinical Director (LCSW, MCAP, CFLE, SAP, LCAS).

(6)   Participate in exciting, dynamic, experiential activities.

The position will be responsible for:

(1)      Provide clients a sense of safety, emotional support, and accountability.

(2)      Planning and oversight of clients’ weekly chores and activities.

(3)      Ensure program rules are being followed.

(4)      Notify appropriate parties when situations dictate.

(5)      Administer breathalyzer and urinalysis as needed.

(6)      Send daily email updates to residential and clinical staff.

(7)      Facilitate curfew check every night while on shift.

(8)      Assist Residents with the 12-step programming and be willing to attend meetings with clients.

(9)      Documentation of clients’ medication.

(10)     Coordinate driving; drive residents to various events.

(11)     Conduct random room inspections.

(12)     Assisting with crisis intervention.

(13)     Other duties as assigned.

Experience Requirements:

(1)      Strong verbal and written communication skills.

(2)      High school diploma or equivalent.

(3)      At least two years of substance use disorder treatment experience or an undergraduate degree in a related field of study.

(4)      Current Adult CPR/Basic First aid/AED certification and/or wiliness to become certified.

(5)      Non-violent Crisis Intervention Certification and/or willingness to become certified.

(6)      Proficient in Microsoft Office.

(7)      Ability to facilitate educational groups.

(8)      Strong emotional intelligence and de-escalation skills.

(9)      Strong knowledge and understanding of 12-Step Programs.

(10)     Valid driver license.

(11)     Must pass drug screen test.